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Hacking the Frontier kernel

Required tools

For instructions on how to build the Frontier application, please refer to the README.txt file at the top level of the source code directory.

Directory layout

Coding conventions

Formatting conventions

The following guidelines for formatting the kernel code were not set arbitrarily. Most of the kernel code already followed these guidelines when UserLand released the code as open source.

  • All C symbol names should use lower case letters only. Names should not contain underscores.
  • Pre-processor macros should use all upper case letters and may contain underscores.
  • Each function should have a short comment at the top, describing what it does. Change notes should be added below that description, most recent last.
  • Comments should be enclosed in C-style slash+asterisk rather than C++-style double slash.
  • Tabs should be used for indenting with one tab set equal to 4 spaces.
  • Opening curly braces should be put at the end of the statement that introduces the new block of code.
  • Closing curly braces should be put on their own line, indented to the same level as the block of code which they enclose.

While most people will have different preferences about how to format code, please stick to these guidelines to keep the code formatting consistent.

Getting started

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