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Kernel Plumbing for Beginners


Karsten Wolf says:

From my own experience, it takes looong to dive into it. To repeat my kernel-plumbing-for-beginners-mantra. To get started on the kernel:

  • choose a platform (osx or win)
  • get comfortable with building frontier on it
  • try (just for the fun of it and it's learning value) to write a new verb (explained in the braindumps; in your private sandbox of course)
  • try to understand what happens when a script runs…
  • try to solve one of those.
  • if you did, try one of these.
  • start to build for the “other” platform
  • start to document the inner workings

Andre's comments

Focus on understanding how to add kernel verbs and how UserTalk code gets executed. With that approach, you will primarily look at lang*.c files and there's very little platform specific code in those. It's also the most accessible part by far if you have experience writing UserTalk scripts.

David's comments

Don't be afraid to ask questions and just try it out. Be sure to do searches for what you're trying to figure out on the discussion boards. There's a lot of information there. And, when you figure something out, document it, either here or on your own site.

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