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Kernel developers

Obtaining source code

The Frontier source code is available from a Subversion repository on SourceForge. To obtain a working copy of the current development version, check out the Frontier/trunk directory with any https-enabled Subversion client:

svn checkout Frontier

Please refer to Using the frontierkernel repository for more information, including how to obtain write access to the repository.

Building Frontier

The Frontier application can be build with various versions of Apple's Xcode, Microsoft Visual Studio, and Metrowerks CodeWarrior. For detailed instructions, please refer to the README.txt file at the top level of the source code directory.

Our binary releases are currently compiled using Xcode for the Mac OS X version and Visual Studio .NET 2003 for the Windows version.

Kernel Documentation

Recommended Links

  • frontierkernel mailing list: For keeping in touch with other developers and for asking questions. The archives also contain useful information on the inner workings of the Frontier kernel.
  • Karsten's doxygen dump: Amazing dump and graph of Frontier source.

Root databases

The Frontier application (built from source) is not particularly useful by itself. It requires a "root" database named Frontier.root and a few other support files.

The initial Open Source release of Frontier, by Dave Winer and André Radke on 28 Sep 04 included a pre-built application, a "root" database named "Frontier.root" and a few other support files. Since then, other database files like "mainResponder.root" or "prefs.root" have also been released. The databases are the same on each OS platform.

Release Process

There are two major development tracks for the Open Source version of Frontier - a stable Frontier v10.0 (even numbered releases), and an experimental Frontier v10.1 (odd numbered releases).

Development of additional experimental features for Frontier is done as separate Subversion branches. After extensive testing, these features will be integrated into the experimental version of Frontier, and eventually, after much more "real-world" testing, bug fixes and features from the experimental version of Frontier will be integrated into the stable version of Frontier.

If you are not comfortable working with the latest versions of Frontier, you can stay with the initial Open Source release. However, there *may* have been many changes and bugs fixed in Frontier since that release, and you are encouraged to use the latest versions. If you need the original 28 Sep 04 Frontier executables you can download them here.

Legacy Stuff

On March 28th, 2006, we formally stopped supporting Mac OS 9 and all previous versions of Mac OS. A final code snapshot that compiles a Mac OS Classic version of the application using Metrowerks CodeWarrior 8.3 is available as a branch in our code repository:

svn co Frontier

On March 25th, 2006, we switched from CVS to Subversion. Our old CVS repository is still available for anonymous checkout for archival purposes, but it is no longer being updated.

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